Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa's visit...

OK, so I told Daphne to make a Christmas list in November. The # 1 thing on her list was a hamster. That's right. I figured no one would get it for her and I sure won't, so I didn't worry. Besides, Daphne hated the rats we bought for them and complained about cleaning the cage and never played with them. Well, I always forget about the other adult in the house. He went out and fanagled his mom to give it to her for Christmas! Then, told me after the deal was done! Why does that man do these things?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bad hair day

I know it happens to all of us. Our hair just doesn't do what we want it to. This is more than that. This morning I turn on my curling iron and go about getting ready. Then, I come in to do my hair- as usual. I do my bangs. Looking hot. Then, I curl the side. I touch the curl and feel something crusty on my hair! I start to rub it off and it is flaking like some major bad dandruff. Yuck, right? I can't figure it out. I don't use hairspray, but this is crusty! I look at the curling iron and notice something on there. I touch it and it is melty and hot (DUH!). Then, I look on the chair where the iron was heating up. On the chair is a half melted Butterscotch candy. Yeah. Nice. Lucky for me it just flaked off my hair easily. I don't wash my hair much, so I'm sure the grease helped it slide right out. :)

My First Time...

Hi girls!

It's my first time as a blogger. Relief Society Progressive Dinner was so great tonight. It just kept getting better after we decided to carpool with " 2- Piece". I'm thinking carpooling is the key. If we do start movies, we need to carpool.

Sorry, Heidi. You seem so sweet. It's such a shame to taint a Utah girl. It's official. You're a Cougar. Simi 4 Cougars. Every ward should have a mascot like us. :)

I just call like I see it.

We were missing you, Lori.