Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bad hair day

I know it happens to all of us. Our hair just doesn't do what we want it to. This is more than that. This morning I turn on my curling iron and go about getting ready. Then, I come in to do my hair- as usual. I do my bangs. Looking hot. Then, I curl the side. I touch the curl and feel something crusty on my hair! I start to rub it off and it is flaking like some major bad dandruff. Yuck, right? I can't figure it out. I don't use hairspray, but this is crusty! I look at the curling iron and notice something on there. I touch it and it is melty and hot (DUH!). Then, I look on the chair where the iron was heating up. On the chair is a half melted Butterscotch candy. Yeah. Nice. Lucky for me it just flaked off my hair easily. I don't wash my hair much, so I'm sure the grease helped it slide right out. :)

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